Saturday, June 23, 2012

Well looks like monthly updates are my thing so maybe I should just stick to that commitment lol... This ones going to be fairly brief since not much has been happening in my world lately...

With regards to the house repairs - well I finally got the roof on woohoo! Looks HEAPS better and because its fully insulated now its nice and cozy inside AND I dont hear the rain (which means I can hear the TV - yay!)  I'm still yet to get photos of it though *sigh** so things on the home front are pretty much back to normal now which is a bit of a  relief :)

With regards to crafting - well not alot happening in that department either. Starting to get ready to go away again so all my crafting has been put on the back burner for now.

Peekaboo - They just wanted to say hi!
She's finished - looks much cuter
 in person though :)
I have managed to sew together a few little sock monkeys although my sewing machine decided to give up as I started my first monkey so I ended up having to buy a new machine. My mum loaned me her machine at first but it has major issues too. Its practically new but it must be out of alignment because the stupid thing kept snapping needles... I think I snapped 6 in the first half an hour of sewing... I finally drew the line when it snapped the needle and flung the tip into my neck where it remained embedded until the tweezers pulled it out *sigh* so I got the message and put it into retirement along with mine! My old one was a Singer... not a particularly old Singer but I seem to have had issues with it right from the word go (never did sew particularly straight) so i'm not overly disappointed about its decision to retire. I have replaced it with a cheap Brother machine (Im not a sewing enthusiast by any standard - I basically sew in a straight line or add a zigzag stitch - thats my limits when it comes to sewing im afraid) so the cheap one suits my basic needs but i'm loving this new machine and it plays so much nicer than the cranky old Singer ever did!  

 I also did my monthly ATC entry for SIWA - it was a free for all theme this time so we could pick our own design. I decided to do mine primarily digital with lots of bright colours and I put the words ''always look on the bright side of life'' because it seemed to be a month of heartache for lots of people so I thought it was an appropriate theme given the circumstances.  This months theme was 'boys' - Ive opted out of this one A) because I'm just not into boy things and B) because lately I just dont seem to have time to do anything. The months are coming and going before I have time to do anything (Is that a sign that i'm getting old lol)

This was the digital part of it (there are obviously 4 ATC cards here) - I cut them down, mounted them on cardstock and added a little 3D butterfly (which I glittered the tips of the wings on) to the top right hand corner and added some little blingy dots around the edges.  Not my finest moment but I did put alot of thought into them...  I used the Clock to symbolise 'time' - that life is too short to have unnecessary worries... I used the bird to symbolise the need to spread your wings and fly though life - to take any opportunities that come your way... I used the rose petals to symbolise the natural beauty of life - that everything in life has thorns but there is also always something beautiful that comes from it... I used the bear to symbolise childhood memories - to remind people that having fun and not being too serious is important... I used the butterfly to represent freedom - to go anywhere your heart desires... and I added the bright colours to encourage happiness and good cheer. because I believe its imperative in life to LIVE LOVE LAUGH and to ''always look on the bright side of life''! and THATS how my ATCs come about :)))

My Logo :)))
And the only other thing even remotely craft related was that I actually took the plunge and sent my facebook page live - woohoo - so i'm now selling some of my things through my kreatedbykim page. (heres a link to my site Its taken a bit of time to get it put together but I think i've done it ok. Pricing was my biggest issue - I wanted something fair to both the buyer and me. A few people made a comment about the price of my little albums ($40) but I dont think they realise just how much effort (and materials) goes into making them. They really do take me ages to make and because I don't use cheap products it costs me quite a bit to put it together - and its totally unique - I never make 2 the same! But not to worry - you cant please everyone right and they weren't crafters so I guess they don't understand - still gets a little disheartening though :( but i've sold a few things through there and taken a few orders for other things so it was worth the effort. I even created a little logo which I use to network the page teehee :)))

So as you can see nothing overly exciting at all to report this month. The boat is on the hardstand so its all go on that for the next month which means there wont be much craftiness happening this month either but we'll see how it goes.

And that my friends is where im leaving it for today. Hope you all have a lovely week and keep smiling xx

See you next month ;)

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