Monday, February 27, 2012

ohhhh I've been bad!!! VERY bad!!!

Oh dear! I've done it again! I've started a blog and, well, i've managed to forget to update it!  Now I guess one thing you have to know about me (or you'll certainly come to learn anyway) is that I have a goldfish brain!... Yes my friends, my brain is like a big mooshy bowl of jelly... I forget everything :/ So forgetting to update this post is, well, its expected from me *sigh* But its no excuse and I really need to try harder! (& dont worry - I have another blog that has all my sailing adventures on it and that one hasn't been updated since new year ~uggghh~ so im doing ok on this one lol)

So what have I been up to... Well in terms of actual scrapbooking, not very much but in terms of craft projects quite a bit! I've discovered the world of digital scrapbooking so i've been playing around with that! I think I like it? Its definitely more me when it comes to layouts. I've never really been into creating layouts for my own photos but i've been having a little play with some of the kits I downloaded & I think I could definitely get used to doing them digitally. But boy oh boy downloading those kits sure does use up a lot of data!!! It took 5GB and I really didn't buy that many kits lol... oh well, once you have them you have them forever I suppose! & now I might finally get some of my beautiful photos from years gone by into albums where they belong! I think i'll stick with traditional styles for my little mini albums though! Not sure they'd have the same impact if I did them digitally.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Finally finished my ATC's

Hello again... What an amazing day it is outside - too beautiful to be inside on a computer so i'm only making this a quickie today (I know you understand lol) :D

Well it was a challenge but I finally got them done - yes my ATC's are DONE!!! Woohoo!!! Very excited! Problem is I think I may be a little addicted to them now lol...

The theme was ''LOVE'' - we were allowed to make them all different (& since I needed the practice I figured that'd be a good way to learn)... Here's my interpretation of love (the photos are not so great though - you cant see the pretty glittery effects of the shimmer paints I used - but not to worry, its better than nothing)

...and who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks... I learnt today that instead of uploading all my photos individually I can add a link from any of my public facebook albums & share them with the world - that's pretty cool! That'll make life a whole lot easier since I have everything already uploaded into those albums :))

Now its just a matter of working out HOW to add the link???

Oh well lets give it a whirl...

album 1: 

album 2:

Hopefully they work!

Anyway thats it from me today - I know booooooring lol... but I have to run and soak up as much of this beautiful sunshine as possible because over yonder I can see some nasty looking clouds a brewing... 

Have a great week & take care xo

Saturday, February 4, 2012

goodness time flies

Goodness can you believe we're in February already!! This is going to be another fast year I think!

It's been a sad few days watching the poor communities in northern NSW & QLD that are flooding - AGAIN - it's breaking my heart. I swear Mother Nature has lost her marbles... I have a few friends who live in and around these communities & I can only pray that they all stay safe & dry! Its just such a helpless situation - there is nothing that can be done to stop the rain falling, I just wish people would stop going into flood waters & taking the ''i'll be right'' attitude & putting other peoples lives at risk!...  On a more positive note - the Charleville evacuation centre is allowing people to take their pets along too - yay!. Its about time these evac centres acknowledged that pets are family too... Alot of people simply wont leave their beloved animals behind & would rather stay in their homes & put themselves at risk rather than abandon their furry friends... at least now they might be more willing to seek shelter :)))

Moving on to another (cheerier) topic now... :)