Monday, February 27, 2012

ohhhh I've been bad!!! VERY bad!!!

Oh dear! I've done it again! I've started a blog and, well, i've managed to forget to update it!  Now I guess one thing you have to know about me (or you'll certainly come to learn anyway) is that I have a goldfish brain!... Yes my friends, my brain is like a big mooshy bowl of jelly... I forget everything :/ So forgetting to update this post is, well, its expected from me *sigh* But its no excuse and I really need to try harder! (& dont worry - I have another blog that has all my sailing adventures on it and that one hasn't been updated since new year ~uggghh~ so im doing ok on this one lol)

So what have I been up to... Well in terms of actual scrapbooking, not very much but in terms of craft projects quite a bit! I've discovered the world of digital scrapbooking so i've been playing around with that! I think I like it? Its definitely more me when it comes to layouts. I've never really been into creating layouts for my own photos but i've been having a little play with some of the kits I downloaded & I think I could definitely get used to doing them digitally. But boy oh boy downloading those kits sure does use up a lot of data!!! It took 5GB and I really didn't buy that many kits lol... oh well, once you have them you have them forever I suppose! & now I might finally get some of my beautiful photos from years gone by into albums where they belong! I think i'll stick with traditional styles for my little mini albums though! Not sure they'd have the same impact if I did them digitally.

Speaking of old photos... Remember that wonderful little scrap group I mentioned last entry, you know the one that got me addicted to ATC's, well they posted a challenge on their site which I thought i'd have a go at, so I scrapped a page using a photo of my beautiful Mum when she was just a little girl & I broke away from my comfort zone a little whilst doing it. 

challenge was twine (flower),
buttons (flower & the Mother word)
& circles (journal tag and whole background)
I'm a girly girl by definition - everything I have, everything I own, everything I do - it has to be pretty, pink, covered in fairy dust, and just - well - just plain girly! But my mums not a girly girl... She likes browns & tans and all the colours that I really struggle to enjoy so I added an extra little challenge & made this page in earthy tones to reflect my mums tastes...& I must say that I surprised myself - I really love the outcome! I distressed the edges for the first time ever (which I really like & i'm going to do more of) & I still managed to pretty it up with fairy dust and masses of flowers, so all in all I was very pleased with the end result! Unfortunately the photo just didnt capture the sparkle or true 
essence of the page...

I've also been given another challenge... my best friends daughter is turning 18 in June - 18!!! I dont even know how that happened - just yesterday she was a cute little kid playing with her bratz dolls & now she's this amazing young lady that is all grown up AND TURNING 18!!! uuggghhh!!... Anyway, she has asked me to put together a signatory album for her 18th birthday party using her favourite thing in the whole wide world - tatty bears! (Do you have any idea how hard it is to get tatty bear stuff in Australia - ayekarumba)!!! Im on the hunt for the double CD kit that Docraft have (but Docraft dont deliver to Australia grrr)... I've seen a few elsewhere though so now its just a matter of getting it here ''at the right price'' (Im a bargain hunter - i hate paying retail for things)... I love that they have such a flexible angel policy too - means I can make it for her & have it professionally printed without breaking any copyright laws - yay!
I've decided to do most of it digitally because I think it'll look alot more professional but she wants dimension too, so I have to incorporate a bit of traditional into it aswell (which is going to be very interesting & a bit of a trial & error type project!)... I've had a little play around & i've put together a sample for her but again the problem im having is that im a girly girl & love using flowers & butterflies & pretty things in my albums and she just isnt that type of kid... so its a bit of a struggle! But this is what i've come up with so far & she loves the first stage of it so at least i know im on the right path (we're going to layer the blue flower)- lucky I have until June to play around huh!

And im a bit excited! (its been a busy few weeks creatively speaking lol) I have learnt to crochet! woohoo! Ive always known how to knit but always struggled with crochet... I've learnt how to make a little crochet butterfly, flower & heart and now I understand how to follow a basic pattern! I know its not much but its a start & im cheer'n. 

I have also made a little sock monkey (which is a HUGE achievement for me because I am the worlds WORST sewer! I totally suck at it, especially handsewing, but it hasnt turned out too bad for a first attempt. Not so sure I love her mouth or her eyes though - im really struggling getting the eyes right. I tried googly eyes but they looked plain evil... I tried black eyes with a white centre and the poor little thing looked stoned, then my hubby suggested just using plain black eyes which, compared to the other options, look half reasonable but not amazing!  I'll definitely have to work on them for the next one I make. and as for the smile, i think next time i'll just sew the mouth on using black or red wool... I think the ribbon makes her look a bit weird! but look it was a first attempt and i'm really proud of my attempt considering I really am VERY bad at sewing (& I had to handsew most of her too)!!! lol 

 And lastly, I have been playing around with my dodgy camera the last few days... I paid an absolute fortune for my camera about 18 months ago and have had nothing but dramas with it. Ive already sent it back once because it was faulty and now that its out of warranty its playing up again - grrrr.... Anyway i'm trying to get my manual functions to work but its a struggle. These are some photos taken from around my home recently using my dodgy camera - hope you enjoy ;)

My beautiful Red Rose - planted when my old dog died
and it smells as beautiful as it looks :)

A close up of a cicada beetle I found hanging out in the backyard.

Louie refused to leave my mint flowers...
I love this photo - can see all of his pretty colours & the membranes in his wings!

Moss growing on my Macadamia Tree - I LOVE moss - I just adore the colour, the texture and just the way it lives in general... 

This is my old girl Fraggle -
 I gave her a bath & got in really big trouble -
see her yelling at me lol
but shes just so beautiful!

This is my other Girl Buddha,
she got a bath too and wasnt real impressed either...

but we're still friends

(& on that note i'll leave it there. Sorry for the neglected blogpost - hopefully I remember to update more regularly. Until next time keep smiling and stay safe!) xx
Dont cry - i'll be back ;)

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