Sunday, January 29, 2012

Finally managed some photos :)

Well that was an interesting weekend - it didn't stop raining once. Thankfully its eased up now & I can even see a little glimpse of sunshine peeking through (wonder how long he'll stick around for?)...

Didn't get all my projects finished but I did manage to join a scrapping forum (which I haven't done for many many years), even managed to complete one of the challenges (which reminds me - I must upload the pic onto their site!)... Still trying to figure out how to add their ''button'' (is that what its called) to my blog??? Told you i'm new at all this stuff lol... I'm sure i'll get there eventually though :)

I also managed to take some photos which i'm going to attempt to upload. Unfortunately due to the dismal weather & the fact that my scrap room gets minimal natural light the photos have some flash blow out & colour distortion but it'll give you some idea. Some of the things are older styles from a little while ago & some of them are from quite recently.  The cards are all done within the last 3-4 months (i've only just started making cards - never been much good at it *sigh*) so don't be too harsh when you're looking at them lol

Anyway off to do some shoe shopping this morning - yuk - I really hate buying new shoes but my other ones are quite literally falling off my feet now so it's time to bite the bullet & get a new pair - my feet are going to hate me though ugggghh!

Have a great Monday whatever your plans & remember to keep smiling :))))))

My little plaster of Paris critters - still need a second coat of paint!

What's left of my craft stuff - had to get rid of most of it :( because I spend half my life living on a boat :)

My Challenge LO - the challenge was to use household items (ie gauze, fabric, toothpicks etc) somewhere in the LO... So I thought with easter coming i'd do an easter themed one (but I dont have any easter pics so I put a photo of my old girl in just to fill the spot for the picture) - First I hand made & pieced my little bunny, then I added cotton wool to his ears to give him some fluffiness (household item #1)... then I cut some bristles off my hairbrush to use as his whiskers (household item #2) then I used a chux to make the flower (household item #3)... Its been a while since I done any kind of layout... 

Some cards i've made recently...

A miniature Album i'm making - still not finished but getting there :)
front of album

first 2 pages of album

page 3 & 4 of album

page 5 & 6 of album

back of album

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  1. Love your album...very very cute...gorgeous colours to!!
    Love Kathie