Thursday, January 26, 2012

Well wet weather makes for great crafting days at least :)

Well here it is - a general blog about pretty much anything & everything relating to... well anything & everything really... 

This ones a little different to my other blogs, im finding this site a little harder to navigate so you'll have to bare with me for a bit until I get the general jist of it... Once I get used to it i'll get some photos happening & some more interesting posts up :)

Its a pretty gloomy looking day outside again (& not looking like its about to clear up anytime soon) so I guess its the perfect excuse to go & finish off some of the crafting projects i've started over the last few months (with good intentions) but always seemed to get side tracked so never got around to completing. 

I've got little mini albums that are half created, cards that are pretty much done but need finishing touches, I have a Santa doll that i've been trying to knit since before Christmas (was supposed to be given to my Mum at Christmas but oops - cant rush these things huh lol)... I've got little plaster of Paris embellishments that need painting & I have some paper sculpting projects that never did get completed, not to mention the massive stash of photos sitting in a storage box waiting to be added to layouts & put into albums... so there's definitely no way i'm going to get bored in this icky weather :) oh well better go and clear a spot on the table so I can get started. 

Have a great weekend everyone & i'll endeavour to get some project photos up in the next few days. 

Keep smiling :)))

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